Show your video at the Wedding

We are the creators of the Wedding at the Wedding that has been raved about at hundreds of weddings, featured in The Boston Globe, Event DV Magazine, and on TV and Radio programs. This WOW element of your wedding allows your guests to get a warm fuzzy and humorous feel as they get to know you, The Bridal Couple. Your friends and family will watch a 9 minute video, towards the end of dinner, that showcases your lives, interests, and family history as we tell your love story while creatively editing in photos, interviews and wedding footage shot the day of your wedding and shown back a few hours later.

Not everyone knows about your mate. At your wedding there are two sets of families and many friends from different eras of your life. Our Wedding at the Wedding production allows your guests to bond together as they watch the two of you talk about your lives and family.

We help script a video production that you will feel comfortable with. Enjoy some of the examples of our Wedding at the Wedding productions and then call us at 617 965 2244 to make an appointment to discuss your Wedding at the Wedding project. Our video productions, that are shown at your wedding, allow your guests enjoy a short video and you will be able to show this video to your children and future generations.

For more information, please call 617-965-2244, or Email Us.